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Arizona Pet Pantry was founded to help limited—resource individuals who are 62 years of age or older provide for the needs of their companion animals. Our organization will make every effort to help Southern Arizona seniors with other critical areas of pet care, based on need and on the availability of resources. There are several life events that can alter circumstances and leave seniors unable to thoroughly care for their pets. Reasons may be as varied as economic hardships arising from retirement or lost jobs, divorce, medical costs, medication expenses, or a change in living situation. For seniors, a variety of life changes can disrupt their lives, leaving them unable to provide for their beloved companion animal.
Arizona Pet Pantry’s objective is to prevent seniors from reaching that devastating, agonizing place where they cannot afford or don’t understand other options to care for their pets. Most of the time seniors have no options, but to relinquish them to a shelter. Understandably, seniors are often reluctant to give up their companion animals-not only due to emotional bonds, but also because of the fear that their pets are unlikely to be adopted due to age and/or health issues and concerns that their pets may not integrate well with the people and other animals in a new home.
Arizona Pet Pantry’s goal is to keep pets in their loving homes by providing a bridge to assistance through community resources.

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We’re excited to announce the publication of our new book!

Senior Tails Paperback

‘Senior Tails” is a collection of stories shared by seniors about their beloved animals. Some stories will make you laugh while others may make you cry, but they will all tug at your heartstrings!! Profits from this book will benefit the Arizona Pet Pantry, a non-profit corporation whose goal is to keep pets in their loving homes by providing a bridge to assistance through community resources.

Our Mission

Arizona Pet Pantry’s mission is to help seniors keep their pets at home and to assist our community with spaying and neutering of feral cats.

Arizona Pet Pantry Programs

Programs for Seniors

Arizona Pet Pantry works with seniors, to provide food for pets on a short-term basis.  If it is determined that there are additional needs for your pet(s), we will refer you to other organizations or agencies for further assistance.

To get started, please fill out the attached application and a representative from Arizona Pet Pantry will contact you within 72 hours.  At that time, we will set up a home visit during which we will discuss all of your needs and see how we can help. Proof of spaying and neutering and current vaccinations will be required. If this is not the case, we will refer you to organizations that can assist with this.

Programs with our local Agencies

Arizona Pet Pantry is partnering with other local agencies and organizations that have the ability to mentor, counsel and assist people in their time of need.  Our goal is to be an important resource for seniors helping them to keep their pet(s) in their home.


Help animals while you shop

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We’re Looking for People to Partner with Us!

Thank you for your interest in partnering with Arizona Pet Pantry. We believe in the strength of community, in partnerships, in building bridges and relationships that help us help one another when times are hard.

We believe that by truly being there for friends, neighbors, and co-workers in times of need we can collectively make a huge, life saving difference, keeping families intact, including the four-legged, finned and feathered members of the family.

You can be the difference that helps companion animals remain in their loving homes instead of being relinquished to shelters because of economic hardship.

Finally, we believe that nothing is impossible when we work together. We hope that you will be part of our mission and support the work of the Arizona Pet Pantry.

Meet Our Board

Sherry Bouvet

Sherry Bouvet


Arizona Pet Pantry is an opportunity for me to reach out and help keep animals in their homes. I think so many of us would be lost or devastated if our only option would be to give up our pet. I could only imagine that pain.

– Sherry Bouvet, Founder.

Nicole Kime

Nicole Kime

Vice President

Arizona Pet Pantry means that Arizona families will have a much needed resource to keep families together in times of need. 

Patti Swanson

Patti Swanson


Building a network of volunteers and aid through the Arizona Pet Pantry means more animals will be able to live full and healthy lives while staying with their families.

Barbara Beal

Barbara Beal

Nutritional Director / Treasurer

Our goal is to help families stay together with their pets making it a whole family.

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